5. Connie speaks out of both sides of her mouth

One story for thee, another for me: Connie selectively mentions some things in her English campaign website, and another in her Chinese translation. For example, on her Chinese site she mentions that she worked at the SF Crime Prevention Center in her, but on her English one she only uses progressive phrases with no mention of crime prevention.

Some might call this simply a classic political move, but it shows us that Connie will put on a different face depending on who she thinks is listening. And it leaves us asking: what does she actually believe?

TODO Connie voted to fast track Cindy Elias

Cindy blocked Larry Yee from becoming police commission president too.

Connie supports Cindy Elias, a police commissioner who vocally opposes the arresting of drug dealers, and has obstructed SFPD from enforcing basic laws.


TODO Connie supported Friedenbach to regulate her own organization

Supported coalition on homelessness member for city oversight homeless commission as coalition led lawsuit prevents city from cleaning up encampments. She could have supported a Richmond/west side resident for the seat instead.

TODO Of the 1208 votes they participated in last year, Chan and Peskin voted differently only 13 times

Of the 1208 votes that both Aaron Peskin and Connie Chan participated in last year, they diverged only 13 times. Aaron and Connie have a long history -- she worked as Supervisor Peskin's aide before running for Supervisor herself, but they seem still linked at the him. We need independent thinkers in City Hall, not ideologues who follow a script.

Not an original source: https://twitter.com/96hoya/status/1661829149642870784?s=20

TODO Connie voted against Gloria Li, a highly qualified candidate for MTA

Gloria Li worked for Fiona Ma and served on the Transbay Joint Powers Authority. She was nominated by Mayor Breed to serve on the SFMTA board, but Connie voted against her.


Connie was the only Supervisor to oppose transit funding

SB 532

In disappointing but unsurprising move, Connie objected to a state law which provides funding for Bay Area public transit. Our region's transit agencies continue to struggle with funding following record-low ridership post pandemic. Connie's opposition to the bill could leave transit agencies falling into a financial crisis and canceling or significantly reducing service.

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. Connie fought the JFK Promenade, the best new park in SF

Despite widespread support in the Richmond, and calls by constituents to focus on other more important issues such as policing, housing, and education following the pandemic, Connie Chan fought to kill the JFK Promenade in Golden Gate Park.

Rather than focusing on the challenges affecting small business reopening after COVID, school reopening & recovery, or public safety -- which 75% of San Francicans say are their most important concerns about the city -- she chose to focus on opposing the most popular new pedestrian promenade in the city.


. Connie pushed a dangerous street proposal for Golden Gate Park

Connie pushed "Beach-to-Bay", a street proposal for Golden Gate Park that was considered very dangerous by the SFMTA and the Rec and Park department. Despite making traffic a cornerstone of her time in office, Connie has no experience improving traffic flow or safety, and has pushed for positions that have endangered lives.


TODO Connie has has consistently opposed to construction projects that provide good jobs for San Franciscans

  1. Connie's obstructionist stance on housing has led to a decline in housing construction jobs in her district, and the TODO TODO

TODO TODO . In a recent public press release, Connie takes credit for the increase in police funding in the budget, despite her earlier rejection of a police supplemental, her two-way support for Chesa Boudin (she supported him and he supported her), and her remarks that "property crime is not a real crime."

  1. "[A]s District 1 Supervisor and Chair of the Budget Committee, the safety and security of my constituents and neighbors is of utmost importance. The budget, being voted on today by the Board of Supervisors, includes an increase to the Police Department overall budget and added deployment to the Richmond with retired police officer ambassadors" writes Connie in a press release. But this comes to the backdrop of Connie's repeatedly obstructionist approach to police funding, remarks that property crime is "not a real crime," and support for the district attorney that left crime unprosecuted and drugs rampant on the streets.

TODO weak. Connie Chan barely won in the first place, she just barely got elected in her district by a margin of 123 votes

  1. Connie's role on the board of supervisors is clearly not universally approved of. In an extremely narrow margin, Connie won the seat by 123 votes, just barely winning the election. We respect democratic elections, but want to acknowledge that even when she was voted into office it was a margin of just over 100 votes that made the difference between one more supervisor joining the progressive block (of which Connie is a part of), rather than one more joining the moderate block (which her opponent was a part of).

Other thoughts 2. Remember her comment to ABC about how she can’t comment on shoplifting strategies and deferring to the police? Can you do a “points the finger instead of engaging and working on solutions”?