Hi, my name is Steven Buss. I was a software engineer for over ten years at Amazon, Counsyl, and Google. I've been a community organizer and political activist in San Francisco for over five years, and formerly served on the Board of Directors of YIMBY Action and YIMBY Law. In 2020 I ran for a position on the Democratic County Central Committee.

I love San Francisco. I'm not from here, I didn't grow up in California, and I don't have any family on the West Coast — but San Francisco feels like home. I believe that anyone who wants to live here should be able to, and that means building more housing, keeping the city safe and clean, and creating the nation's best schools and transit system.

I joined GrowSF because our vision for San Francisco is vibrant, welcoming, prosperous, and growing. GrowSF rejects the politics of scarcity and fear. We will help make San Francisco into the truly open and welcoming city it is destined to be.