GrowSF launches 30 Reasons to Dump Dean Preston campaign

Published July 01, 2023

Release date:
July 1, 2023


GrowSF launches 30 Reasons to Dump Dean Preston campaign

San Francisco — GrowSF, a leading San Francisco-based political non-profit organization, today announces the launch of a bold, new campaign titled "30 Reasons to Dump Dean Preston."

With a keen focus on fostering economic growth, encouraging innovation, and supporting public safety, GrowSF has been a steadfast advocate for policies that position San Francisco as a city of opportunity and prosperity for all. Dean Preston has opposed these goals at every turn.

The 30 Reasons to Dump Dean Preston campaign is a new initiative that aims to shed light on the issues associated with Supervisor Dean Preston's tenure. The campaign will run for the entirety of July, and each day we will highlight a different reason why we believe Supervisor Preston needs to be held accountable for his actions, and why his leadership is a detriment to the growth and welfare of our beloved city.

“We're proud to already have over 100 individual grassroots donors opposing Dean Preston. We know his policies are unpopular and voters are tired of a Supervisor that ignores their concerns,” says Sachin Agarwal, Executive Director of GrowSF.

GrowSF is committed to delivering fact-based, comprehensive, and insightful analysis. We will utilize a range of communication channels, including our website and social media platforms, to ensure that this message reaches as many citizens of San Francisco as possible.

"We firmly believe that Supervisor Preston's policies and actions have shown a disregard for fiscal responsibility, sustainable growth, public safety, and effective governance," says Steven Buss of GrowSF. "It is our hope that this campaign will stimulate dialogue and inform voters of the critical issues at stake."

GrowSF understands that informed, engaged citizens are the lifeblood of our democracy. We encourage all residents to follow our daily updates on Twitter throughout July, engage in the conversation, and most importantly, exercise their democratic right to vote in the next year's elections.

Stay informed. Stay engaged. San Francisco deserves better. Let's build a city that we can all be proud of.

Media Contact:
Sachin Agarwal


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