The GrowSF Team

GrowSF is a group of volunteers who care about the future of San Francisco and want to see the city invest in growth so we can build for future generations.

​We all want a bright future for San Francisco, but local politicians are divided on how we will achieve this. Our local officials in charge today are not focused on actual progress, and residents feel under-informed about local issues and elections. We want to change that.

We want our city to be inclusive, livable, sustainable, and affordable for all families. We want clean streets, healthy transit systems, great public schools, and more housing. We're a group of volunteers who love San Francisco and are working hard to make it the best city it can be.

Meet our Leads

  • Sachin Agarwal

    Sachin Agarwal

    Director, Board Member

    Engineer, Product Manager, Dad

    Hi, my name is Sachin Agarwal. I’ve worked in tech for nearly 20 years as an engineer at Apple, a product manager at Twitter and Lyft, and a founder of YC backed company Posterous.

    ​I’ve lived in San Francisco for 15 years and I love it. That’s why I’ve chosen to put down my roots here with my family. My wife and I live in the Inner Sunset. She is a graphic designer at a museum. We have two girls who we want to raise in the city.

    It wasn’t until recently that I realized how little I knew about San Francisco politics. Our city is divided and our leadership makes it hard to build or get anything done. But just a few votes can change things. Literally dozens.

    That’s why I decided to start GrowSF. I believe San Francisco has the potential to be one of the best cities in the world. I’m not making any money, I have no plans to run for office, and I’m not affiliated with any candidates or measures. This is just me, trying to help SF grow into the best city it can be.

  • Steven Buss

    Steven Buss


    Engineer, Activist

    Hi, my name is Steven Buss. I was a software engineer for over ten years at Amazon, Counsyl, and Google. I've been a community organizer and political activist in San Francisco for over five years, and currently sit on the Board of Directors of YIMBY Law. In 2020 I ran for a position on the Democratic County Central Committee.

    I love San Francisco. I'm not from here, I didn't grow up in California, and I don't have any family on the West Coast — but San Francisco feels like home. I believe that anyone who wants to live here should be able to, and that means building more housing, keeping the city safe and clean, and creating the nation's best schools and transit system.

    I joined GrowSF because our vision for San Francisco is vibrant, welcoming, prosperous, and growing. GrowSF rejects the politics of scarcity and fear. We will help make San Francisco into the truly open and welcoming city it is destined to be.

  • Jen Laska

    Jen Laska

    Head of Operations

    Community advocate

    Hi, my name is Jen Laska. I worked in healthcare for more than 15 years and I owned a small business. I’ve been a community organizer in San Francisco for five years and serve as President of the Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association.

    I moved to San Francisco in 2016 with my husband and immediately felt like I was home. I got involved in my community and started the Hayes Steet Shared Streets program, got more trash cans, more trees, police foot patrols, community ambassadors and cleaner streets for Hayes Valley.

    I joined GrowSF because I love our quirky city and want to help make it cleaner, safer and more livable for everyone. I believe we can and should make subsidized and market rate housing easy to build so more people can afford to live here. I believe we can have vibrant open spaces and first in class transit to make San Francisco more accessible to everyone. With the right leaders willing to roll back bureaucracy, I believe we can accomplish all of this.

  • Jane Natoli

    Jane Natoli

    Board Member

    Anti Money Laundering Investigations

    Hi, my name is Jane Natoli, and I’m proud to serve on the board of GrowSF.

    San Francisco is a city I always wanted to live in, and in 2013, I made that dream a reality. As a transgender woman, it especially resonated with me due to its reputation as a bastion for LGBTQ people. When I moved here 7 years ago, I found the reality of living in this city somewhat more complicated. However, I found my footing, settling in Inner Richmond and I wanted to give back to my community. That’s why I originally started volunteering at the SF LGBT Center and eventually joined the board there in 2017.

    I’ve continued to find more ways to get involved to try and make this city a better place. I previously served on the board of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and currently serve on the board of YIMBY Action. In addition, I’m a mayoral appointee on the Citizen’s General Obligation Bond Oversight Committee.

    Professionally, I conduct anti-money laundering investigations for Stripe, where I have worked the past 3 years.

  • Ryan Brown

    Ryan Brown

    Board Member


    Hi, my name is Ryan Brown. I'm an SF native who loves everything about the Bay Area.

    My parents immigrated from the Philippines to San Francisco in 1983 to create a better life for me and my two brothers. I studied at St. Ignatius College Preparatory and San Francisco State University.

    I'm proud to serve on the board of GrowSF to promote improving the city from within the tech community. I've always wanted to support and get more involved with the city that I've grown up with.

    I currently work at Twitter where I've spent the last 8.5 years on the marketing team.