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Build more housing

From young families seeking homeownership to seniors, everyone needs an affordable place to live.

Improve public safety

Increase police staffing, put drug dealers in jail, and provide treatment programs for users.

Reduce homelessness

Build shelters of all types: navigation centers, permanent supportive housing, and innovative solutions.

Streamline small business regulations

Celebrate new ideas and reward economic innovation to provide jobs.

Improve public schools so they treat parents like partners.

Put the needs of students and families above ideology.

Make our public transit system fast, safe, and reliable.

From subway tunnels to bus lanes, build infrastructure projects that get transit out of traffic — without letting them become boondoggles.

Ensure City Hall is free from corruption.

We need to audit every city program and only pay for what works.

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What's wrong with housing in San Francisco?

What's wrong with housing in San Francisco?

A shortage of homes drives up prices and drives out families.
San Francisco is not a "Strong Mayor" City

San Francisco is not a "Strong Mayor" City

From commissions, to appeals, to discretionary review - the Mayor of San Francisco lacks the power to actually act as an executive, leaving City departments to flounder under the mismanagement of the Board of Supervisors. What once was a "strong Mayor" city is now controlled by the Board of Supervisors. And there is no person more responsible for this sabotage than Aaron Peskin.
The impact of Prop 47 on crime in San Francisco

The impact of Prop 47 on crime in San Francisco

In November 2014, California voters approved Proposition 47, The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act. It sounded good—the description brought to mind images of preventative crime measures and a more equitable vision for public safety—and big names called for its passage, from Attorney General Kamala Harris to San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon.
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