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We support a more livable, sustainable, and affordable city. We want clean & safe streets, great public schools, well-run transit, a vibrant and thriving economy, and more housing.2022 was a historic year in SF politics: GrowSF helped recall 3 incompetent school board members, recall an ineffective DA, and elect two common sense Supervisors, but our work is not done.Our goal is to help you get informed on local issues, share ways to get engaged, and create change. Many elections in SF end up being decided by dozens of votes: your vote can make the difference.We are a small team working every day to help San Francisco. We're the most capital efficient political group in SF, the most data driven, and the most transparent. We have built a brand people know and trust, we do everything ourselves (no political consultants), and we use data to make sure we’re moving votes.When more caring, motivated residents get involved in San Francisco, we can build a better city for the long term. We hope you’ll join us.

GrowSF is a 501(c)(4) non-profit. Donations are anonymous and tax exempt, but not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. In addition to online donations, we accept wire transfers, appreciated stock, and crypto.


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