Great candidates need great donors

Great candidates can't win on ideas alone — they need great donors to help them win.

The GrowSF Donor Guide will let you know which candidates align with GrowSF's values. These candidates will support clean streets, public safety, great public schools, making it easier to open and run a business, and easier to build homes.

How much you donate is up to you, but if you like what GrowSF stands for we ask that you donate the maximum of $500 directly to each of the candidates.

For the 2024 election, GrowSF will endorse 6 Supervisors, District Attorney, and the Mayor. We will send you links to donate directly to the candidates who align with GrowSF's values.

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No money is needed now. GrowSF will keep you informed about the 2024 election. When we make endorsements, we’ll send you links to donate directly to those candidates. Your information will not be made public or shared.


What is the GrowSF Donor Guide?

The GrowSF Donor Guide will be similar to the GrowSF Voter Guide, but instead of giving you the information you need to vote effectively, we will give you what you need to donate effectively.

We will analyize the positions of each candidate running for office in San Francisco and tell you who aligns with GrowSF's core values. We will include links to donate directly to those candidates — GrowSF won't take a single dollar.

How much should I plan to donate?

You can give whatever you're comfortable with, but we recommend donating the maximum of $500 to each candidate you like (this is the maximum allowed by San Francisco law).

If you max out to 6 Supervisors, the District Attorney, and the Mayor, that's a total of $4,000 to candidates who align with GrowSF's values.

Why should I donate?

Candidates need donations to run a great campaign, but fundraising is one of the toughest parts about running for office in San Francisco. Most great candidates want to spend their time knocking on doors, not hosting fundraisers. GrowSF wants to free up candidates to spend 100% of their time talking to voters.

There are also tons of great people who would consider running for office if they knew it wouldn’t require endless stuffy fundraising events. The thousands of people subscribed to the GrowSF Donor Guide will help push them to run!

What if I don’t like your endorsements?

GrowSF runs a rigorous process when making our endorsements which includes meeting with candidates and sending them a questionnaire, which is later published in our voter guide. We only endorse candidates that align with our goals of a healthy, safe, clean, and growing city.

If you don’t like one of our endorsed candidates, you don’t have to donate to their campaign. The GrowSF Donor Guide is simply a guide on who we think you should donate to, and ultimately it’s up to you whether you donate or not.

Why should I donate to a Supervisor not in my district?

The Board of Supervisors is made up of 11 members, so 6 votes are needed to pass legislation. Every Supervisor’s vote impacts the laws that affect your city, not just the Supervisor representing your district.

What if there’s no good candidate?

We hope to have a good candidate in every race, but if there’s no viable candidate to endorse, you shouldn't feel pressured to make a donation for that race.

What if I want to donate more than $500?

San Francisco imposes a donation limit of $500 per person per candidate. Married couples may give a total of $1000. If you are married, double your impact by having your spouse fill out the form above!

If you wish to give more, you can donate to the GrowSF Victory Fund. There are no contribution limits.

Do I have to be a citizen to donate?

You must be a US Citizen or lawfully admitted permanent resident (i.e., green card holder) to donate to a candidate. But you don’t have to be a citizen to subscribe and share the GrowSF Donor Guide!

What if I want to donate less?

Ultimately how much you give is a personal decision that only you can make. But we are asking San Franciscans to max out their contributions to our endorsed candidates. We recognize that for some people this is a big commitment, but these races are critically important for our city – and we’re asking you to consider maxing out!

How does public matching work?

Under certain circumstances, San Francisco may match donations with public funding. For each donor, the first $100 is matched 6:1. That means your $500 donation might actually be worth $1,100. This is another reason why donating directly to candidates is important and impactful. More information on the public financing program can be found here.

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