ADEM 2021 Elections

What is it?

The California Democratic Party (CDP) holds Assembly District Election Meetings (ADEM elections) every two years, where registered Democrats can vote for delegates to represent them in the party governance. These elections are open to all registered Democrats in California. If you're not a registered Democrat, you need to re-register to change your affiliation.

Because CDP has so much power, delegates have a lot of influence: particularly in the Democratic Party endorsements for state and federal offices like the CA Assembly, CA State Senate, CA Governor, US House of Representatives, and the US Senate. This high-impact, low-turnout election determines who gets elected and how our government is run in California.

Learn more at, or this explainer from Steven Buss.

How to vote?

Due to the pandemic, the ADEM elections will be conducted via mail-in voting this cycle.

Request your ballot

You can also request it via a dedicated phone line (916-442-5707).

ADEM Voting Process and Key Dates:

  • Registered Democrats can request their mail-in ballot online from now until Monday, January 11.
  • Once you submit the ballot request form, a voter registration ID will be emailed to you. You must save this code and submit the code on your ballot once you receive it in the mail. Ballots will begin being mailed out the first week of January and you should receive your ballot in the mail by Monday, January 18.
  • Complete your ballot by voting for the candidates endorsed below, adding your ADEM voter registration ID saved from when you requested your ballot, and mailing it out as soon as possible after you receive it.
  • All ballots must be received by the Party in their PO Boxes no later than Wednesday, January 27.


You can use the map below to identify which district you're in:

If you prefer, you can enter your address here to identify your district too.

Residents of AD-19: City for All Slate

  • #12 Martin Rawlings-Fein
  • #18 Lanier Coles
  • #21 Basem Manneh
  • #23 Michael Sweet
  • #24 Marcus Ismael
  • #25 Anupama Krishna Menon
  • #26 Stephanie Lehman
  • #27 Selina Sun
  • #28 Jason Pellegrini
  • #29 Matthew Rhoa
  • #30 Ellie Miller Hall
  • #39 David Golden
  • #42 Ashley McGovern Wessinger
  • #43 Jane Natoli

Residents of AD-17: Rise Together Slate

  • #21 Nima Rahimi
  • #22 Chris Corgas
  • #23 Annie Fryman
  • #24 Gladys Soto
  • #25 Thea Selby
  • #26 Kristen Webb
  • #27 Tony Rodriguez
  • #28 Kurt B. Grimes
  • #29 Tyra Fennell
  • #30 Anita Lau
  • #31 Mike Chen
  • #32 Marcos Aranda
  • #33 Sharky Laguana
  • #34 Alex Barrett-Shorter


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