Pass Emergency Police Funding

Pass Emergency Police Funding

We must pass emergency police funding to keep officers on the streets. If we don't pass it:

  • The Police Academy will not train new officers until next fiscal year
  • Fewer officers will be able to respond to 911 calls
  • Officers won't be able to work overtime, taking officers off the streets so calls for help will go unanswered

The only thing standing in the way of safer streets is Supervisor Connie Chan. Tell her that you support the emergency police funding bill and that she needs to introduce it at Budget Committee and VOTE YES!

Send an email to Supervisor Chan

Demand that we pay our police officers and we don't shut down the police academy. Email Supervisor Chan and let her know you want her to vote YES on emergency police funding.

We make emailing easy: these links will open a pre-filled email. You can edit the email and hit send when you're ready.

Email your Representatives!

Make your voice heard, it matters.

Send the email!


Why does SFPD need more money?

San Francisco has a shortage of nearly 600 police officers. That means that in order to keep up with the fentanyl crisis and rising property crime, officers have had to work overtime.

The huge amount of overtime required to keep up with the city's public safety needs has led to the department having to spend much more than planned (overtime is paid at a higher rate than regular salaries).

What will the supplemental budget fund?

The supplemental budget will fund overtime, ensuring we have enough officers on the streets. Ensuring overtime is funded means we can also keep the police academy open, so we can train new officers.

The department is losing officers to other cities and due to retirement. If we don't pass the supplemental police funding bill, the department will continue to lose officers while being unable to train new ones — further worsening public safety and overworking the few officers we have left.


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