San Francisco District Attorney Recall Voter Guide

San Francisco District Attorney Recall Voter Guide

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Recall Measure Regarding Chesa Boudin

We support criminal justice reform. We also want residents to feel safe. We believe San Francisco can have both — but not under District Attorney Chesa Boudin.

Boudin fights ideological battles with politicians when he should be focused on helping victims. This makes people feel less safe and undermines the important goals of reform.

Boudin fired experienced prosecutors who questioned him and he is quick to blame others for missteps by his office.

Our concerns:

  • More than 85% of felony domestic violence cases at the end of 2020 were dismissed by Boudin.

  • Boudin refuses to prosecute drug dealers responsible for 1,500 overdose deaths in two years.

  • Boudin claimed the killing of an elderly Asian grandfather wasn’t racially motivated because the suspect was having a “temper tantrum” before the attack.

  • One of Boudin’s criminal investigators testified she was told to withhold evidence in a case and believed she would be fired if she refused.

  • Boudin fired the victim’s advocate in his office who spoke out against Boudin giving a man who killed a woman three months probation instead of prison time.

  • Superior Court Judge Bruce Chan questioned the stability of Boudin’s office, criticizing high turnover, disorganization, and mismanagement.

  • More than 50 attorneys have quit — a third of Boudin’s office — leaving behind a demoralized and inexperienced staff. Former prosecutor Shirin Oloumi told the San Francisco Chronicle: “The victims of crime did not count among [Boudin’s] priorities unless it helped public perception.”

  • Boudin resisted sharing data about case outcomes. It took media outlets invoking the public records request law to reveal data showing a decline in convictions.

Residents shouldn’t have to choose between justice reform and safety. We must replace Boudin with a reform-minded district attorney who helps victims first.

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