GrowSF Voter Guide for the March SF DCCC Election

Last Updated: October 20, 2023

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GrowSF Voter Guide for the March SF DCCC Election

In March, 2024 we can elect common sense leadership to the SF Democratic Party to ensure San Francisco embraces growth, change, and common sense policies.

Why the SF DCCC election is the most important election of 2024

Local elections matter. Who we elect for Mayor, Supervisor, and DA – and which propositions we pass – literally affect our day-to-day lives. But it's hard to know who to vote for in these races: ballots are long, and it’s difficult to get accurate information.

A lot of voters turn to the SF Democratic Party voter guide for their endorsements. But here’s the problem: the SF Democratic Party endorsements are made by the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee, or “DCCC”, and this committee is currently controlled by far left, anti-growth political insiders.

Luckily, on March 5, 2024 the entire DCCC is up for election, and all registered Democrats in San Francisco can vote in this race. If we win just a few seats on this committee, the SF Democratic Party will endorse better candidates who can vote & advocate for common sense policies on our behalf.

Endorsements coming soon

The filing deadline to run in this election is on December 8, 2023. We will send a questionnaire to every candidate to understand their positions on key issues facing San Francisco. We'll publish the returned questionnaires and our endorsements in early 2024.

Why you should be a registered Democrat

Only registered Democrats can vote for the San Francisco DCCC, the committee which votes on the endorsements made by the SF Democratic Party. If you care about San Francisco but you are not a registered Democrat, you are unable to vote in this critical election.

If you want to get San Francisco on the right track, the #1 thing you can do today is register as a Democrat and vote in this election.

The SF DCCC election is decided by very few votes. Visit now to register as a Democrat. It takes just 2 minutes and over 7,000 people have already done it.


When is the election and can I vote for the DCCC?

Only registered Democrats can vote for the next leaders of the DCCC in the March 5, 2024 election. It will be listed on the ballot as "Party Central Committee (Democratic)." If you need to check your voting status or register to vote, visit SF Elections.

What does the DCCC do?

The DCCC has four main functions:

  • It makes endorsements for candidates and ballot propositions in every election
  • It charters Democratic clubs
  • It organizes and fundraises
  • It holds voter registration drives

How much power does the DCCC really have?

For candidates, securing the endorsement of the DCCC can prove pivotal in close races. For instance, in District Supervisor races an endorsement can put a candidate over the top. Or, in more "down-ballot" contests, which aren't as well followed or covered in the news, the vote of confidence by the DCCC can make the difference between winning and losing. The DCCC can also sway public opinion on ballot measures which historically can be lengthy or complex.

Is the SF Democratic Party really that bad? Who have they endorsed in the past?

The San Francisco Democratic Party has endorsed all the worst people: it endorsed Chesa Boudin, Dean Preston, Alison Collins, Gordon Mar, Connie Chan, Aaron Peskin, and other officials who want to defund the police, allow street encampments, and rename schools.

The party did NOT endorse the School Board recall, which was supported by over 70% of San Franciscans. The party endorsed Chesa Boudin, who was recalled by a majority of San Franciscans. And the Party did NOT endorse Supervisors Joel Engardio or Matt Dorsey. And the Party has repeatedly supported defund-the-police policies and candidates, while over 70% of San Franciscans want a fully funded and staffed police department.

The SF Democratic Party does not represent what San Franciscans care about or what we want in our city.

I'm a lifelong Democrat. How can the SF Democratic Party not represent me?

San Francisco is a one party city. In almost all races, we have a Democrat running against a Democrat. It's hard to know which Democrat cares about common sense growth, and which one is a socialist.

The SF Democratic Party is currently controlled by the extreme far-left so their endorsements have been for far-left extremists who have caused most of the problems we see in SF today. It's time to vote them all out.

Winning the DCCC election will almost guarantee we will win a majority on the Board of Supervisors and other key contests in November 2024.


GrowSF is focused on winning elections and we have proven we can move votes and win. We’ve built one of the most recognizable brands in SF politics and we publish the most used voter guide in the city.

Last year we helped recall 3 incompetent school board members, recall an ineffective DA, and elect Joel Engardio, Matt Dorsey, and Brooke Jenkins.

In March, 2024 we are going to run our largest campaign ever. We need $720k to win seats on the DCCC and ensure the SF Democratic Party endorses common sense candidates in the future.

Your donations go further with GrowSF

  • We don’t hire political consultants or ad agencies. We do everything in-house. Nearly 100% of funds donated to our election fund will go to purchasing ads to increase the reach of our endorsements.
  • We have spent years building a brand people trust and is associated with common sense outcomes. Our mailers don't go in the trash: people look forward to getting them and following our recommendations.
  • Our voter guides are thoroughly researched and include questionnaires from all candidates. We don’t simply tell voters how to vote, we include our research and let voters decide.
  • We are data driven in everything we do and only focus on outcomes, not vanity metrics.

If you're looking to make a sizable donation, reach out to learn more.

Assembly District Map

The DCCC election is based on Assembly district. Find your Assembly district below. Once we make endorsements, you'll also see our recommendations for your district.

Enter your address to find your district

All money raised increases our reach.

2022 was a historic year in SF politics: GrowSF helped recall 3 incompetent school board members, recall an ineffective DA, and elect two common sense Supervisors, but our work is not done.

Our goal is to help you get informed on local issues, share ways to get engaged, and create change. Many elections in SF end up being decided by dozens of votes: your vote can make the difference.

All donations are publicly disclosed. Contributions are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

Contribution rules:

  • I am a U.S. citizen or lawfully admitted permanent resident (i.e., green card holder).
  • This contribution is made from my own funds, and funds are not being provided to me by another person or entity for the purpose of making this contribution.
  • I am at least eighteen years old.